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30 Days Froebel


30 Days Froebel is a fun event created by Guildford Nursery School. Children, families, and settings are invited to try one of our suggested activities every day, for 30 days in March – you can do them all or just a few.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will post the suggested activities starting on 1st March. Share photos or comment on our posts telling us how you did the activities, using our hashtag #30daysFroebel.

Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) was an inspiring educator. He is arguably the most significant pioneer of early years education and care.   He had ultimate respect for each child and their family.

Froebel saw children as active, curious, creative learners who learn best through activity, play, talk, and self-reflection. Children thrive when they are emotionally secure and in close relationships with others, including the family and wider community.

Why not get involved in #30daysFroebel?  Open to all.

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