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Introducing cooking to young children


Target audience: EYFS and Key Stage 1 Practitioners

Trainers: Leanne Gibney and Johanna Collis

Both Leanne and Jo are qualified Early Years Educators with a keen interest in cooking. Leanne has had experience throughout KS1 before concentrating on Early Years. Jo has knowledge and experience of implementing cooking activities throughout the Early Years…Together, they have developed cooking opportunities within Nursery focusing on the complete process.

Brief course content

  • Discussion about how cooking can be integrated into an Early Years Setting.
  • Understand the wide range of learning that comes from cooking.
  • How we focus on the whole – from sourcing the ingredients to sharing what we have made.

Expected outcomes

  • Understanding the impact and benefits of cooking for children’s all-round development and how this links specifically to many areas of learning, including Maths, Understanding of the World and PSED.
  • Gain confidence in introducing cooking opportunities in your own learning environment and how we as Early Years Educators can draw valuable learning opportunities for all children through cookery.

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