Forest School / Nature Kindergarten

Play-based learning in a wonderful outdoor setting

A forest school – or nature kindergarten as we call it – offers children an opportunity to learn in a setting where they feel comfortable and happy. We encourage investigation and adventure in a safe outdoor environment, and our children love it.

There’s nothing quite like spending time outside. Children can enjoy the fresh air and exercise, while learning more about themselves and the world around them. We regularly see children becoming more confident, more talkative and more able to persevere when learning outside.

Our nature kindergarten is part of the fantastic outdoor space at our Hazel Avenue site and is the perfect place for children to explore through nature-based learning.

All our nursery children attend nature kindergarten sessions during their time with us. 

The concept of nature kindergarten originates from Scandinavia and involves learning in an outdoor environment with a play-based approach. The benefits include: