Admissions Information

If your child is aged 2-5 years, they can start their school life at our wonderful nursery school.

We follow the same term times as Surrey maintained schools, and we’re open for a range of sessions from 08.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday at Hazel Avenue and 09.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday at York Road.

To enquire about availability or to apply for a nursery place, please complete and return the form below, call us on 01483 566589 or email

Click here to fill out and submit the online enquiry form or contact our School Office Manager on:

School Office Manager
Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre
Hazel Avenue

T: 01483 566 589

For further information about funded education and help with childcare costs please click on

We offer additional fee-paying nursery sessions – which can be added to funded sessions – for all our children. Click here for more information.

Two-year-old children whose parents or carers meet certain eligibility criteria are entitled to 15 hours per week of funded childcare for 38 weeks per year (normally in term time).

You can choose either:

Monday to Friday 09.00 – 12.00 or Monday to Friday 12.30 – 15.30

Please call us to register your child or find out more.

Some children can access an additional 15 hours of funded childcare per week. This is available to families where both parents, or the sole parent in a lone-parent family:

  • Are working and earn on average a weekly minimum amount equivalent to working 16 hours at either National Minimum Wage (NMW) or National Living Wage (NLW) [is there an or/and here?]
  • Have an income of less than £100,000 each per year.


If you are approved for 30 hours, you will be offered your first 15 hours across 5 mornings or 5 afternoons, and can take your additional 15 hours across the remaining mornings or afternoons to make a full 30-hour week.

We offer daily sessions from 09.15 – 15.15, Monday to Friday, and extended sessions from 09.00 – 15.30 for a fee of £3.00 per day.

The cost for lunch is £2.60.

If you think you may be eligible for 30 hours of funded childcare and your child is aged three or over, you can apply now at Once they confirm your eligibility, you will receive an 11-digit code to pass onto us. You will need to reconfirm your eligibility every three months to continue claiming the additional 15 hours.

We are happy to help you apply for any of these options. Please ask at Reception, or contact us to find out more.

All children aged 3 – 4 are entitled to 15 hours of funded childcare per week for 38 weeks per year (normally in term time). This starts from the term after their third birthday.

We offer the following sessions:

Monday to Friday 09.00 – 12.00
Monday and Tuesday 09.15 – 15.15
Wednesday 09.00 – 12.00
Wednesday 12.30 – 15.30
Thursday and Friday 09.15 – 15.15

Some children may also be eligible for up to 30 funded hours per week. You can check the criteria here.

Please call us to register your child or find out more.