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Fees for Nursery Sessions and Term-time Clubs

We offer additional fee-paying nursery sessions – which can be added to funded sessions – for all our children. Any number of sessions in term-time and holiday periods can be booked, subject to availability. (The only exception is a 2 year old child attending the nursery, who does not have early education funding. In this instance a minimum of three sessions over three days per week must be booked, for which fees apply.). All additional sessions are as follows, subject to availability:

Morning or AfternoonOptional additional session to be taken with a funded half day sessionSchool DayExt. School DayFull Day
09.00 - 12.00 or 12.30 - 15.3009.00 - 12.30 or 12.00 - 15.30 09.15 - 15.1509.00 - 15.3008.00 - 16.30
£21 per session£26.95 per session incl. lunch £44.45 per day incl. lunch£47.95 per day incl. lunch£61.85 per day incl. lunch

Breakfast and After School Clubs

We offer breakfast and after-school clubs in term-time at both Hazel Avenue and York Road. In holiday periods we offer clubs at Hazel Avenue.

All of the clubs are as follows, subject to availability and a sufficient number of bookings.  Parents will be informed of any variations on a term by term basis.

Breakfast Club Option 108.00 - 09.00£8.00 (incl. breakfast)
Breakfast Club Option 208.00 - 09.15£9.75 (incl. breakfast)
After School Club Option 115.15 - 16.30£9.75 (incl. tea)
After School Club Option 215.30 - 16.30£8.00 (incl. tea)

By combining funded sessions, additional paid sessions and clubs, your child could attend nursery all day from Monday to Friday, 8.00am – 4.30pm.

Please note: we will charge an additional £5 administration fee for ‘ad hoc’ bookings and/or change to agreed nursery and club bookings.