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Giving the children at our nursery school a positive start to their education

Children learn best and most deeply through play, so we give them plenty of time, space and choice, with guidance from knowledgeable and nurturing adults.

We believe that when learning is well planned and delivered with enthusiasm and awareness, all children develop a love of discovery, investigation and new experiences.

Children at our nursery school:

Our trained teachers and professional support staff manage children’s learning by:

“We work with families to ensure that when each child leaves us, they are ready for the next stage in their education – and their life.”

Key Person Approach

Every child is assigned a key person even before their first day in nursery. That person is a qualified member of staff who will get to know your child and your family so they can offer support that’s personal to them. The key person is calm, warm and responsive and responds sensitively to each child’s needs, feelings, ideas and behaviour.

The key person gets to know the children in their group extremely well. Families are involved from the very beginning, starting with a phone call to discuss your child followed by a home visit. There are then opportunities for families to meet regularly with their key person. Consideration is given to each child’s lived experiences. Children’s strengths are built upon with planned, relevant experiences to enhance their development and learning.

How children feel about their key person:

  • I know there is someone at nursery who knows and cares about me.
  • I feel happy, safe and am ready to learn.
  • I want to explore and investigate, knowing someone is there if things get tricky.
  • I will try new things even if I’m not sure about them because I know it’s ok to make mistakes.
  • I feel that I belong in nursery and have people and things around me that I care about.
  • I know there is someone at nursery who will greet me when I arrive and make me feel welcome and secure.
  • If something happens during my day that upsets me, I know I have someone who will comfort me and know how to make me feel better.

Why our families think having a key person is important: 

“Leaving my child for the first time, I was comforted by the fact that I knew he had made a bond with you. Having that one key person was vital for him to settle at the start of each day.”

“I spoke about you so much before he started that he knew you were his ‘go to’ person and he struck a bond with you right away.”

“I felt that you knew how to move him past being upset in the mornings quickly and he knew that if he had any problem that he could tell you.”

“It kind of felt like at nursery, you were taking the place of me at home and I know he really valued that.”

“The best part about having a key person is that someone knows your own child and if you have any concerns or want to know how their day was, we can go straight to them.”

“As a parent it’s important to know our child is valued and taken care of as we would do at home. For some parents this is the first time they are away from their child and communication is key. For the child to have a safe place and someone they can approach for any reason.”

Keeping our standards high

Our team is made up of trained, experienced teachers and support staff who are experts in early years learning. They undertake regular training to make sure your child benefits from the latest understanding and teaching techniques.

They are also regularly observed while working with the children so we can be confident they are effective in both their teaching and their attitude. We encourage the whole team to bring new ideas and improvements to the school, to help us constantly improve the way we work with your child.

To find out more about our approach to development and learning, please do contact us.

How can you help?

Your child has the best start when we all work together to help them. We welcome all the support and involvement you can give, both when you first bring your child to our nursery school and during their time here.

Talking to your child about their day, sharing books with them, attending meetings and getting involved in the life of the nursery school are just some of the ways you can have a positive influence at this important stage of development and learning.